Frequently Asked Questions

See all of the most common questions here!

Can I pick my niche?

Yes! We will give you our top recommendations however the final decision is yours. You are free to choose anything you feel particularly passionate about

Do you guarantee sales?

All our stores are very likely to make sales; sadly we cannot guarantee any sales. Dropshipping is just like any other business. It all depends on the entrepreneur. We cannot control your work ethic or what you do with the store.

Do you also create a logo for my store?

Yes, we will create a stunning logo for your store without any additional charge. The logo comes with revision by you. We create you a brand for the long term not a short term cash fix.

What do I need to start my store?

We will create the store ourselves and transfer the ownership to you once the store is done.

How many products will the store have?

It depends on the package for the niches to choose from . Some niches need more and some need less. The number of products has no reflection on the sales you make. We provide a range of choices as people have different preferences.

How long will it take to complete my store?

Depending on the package, it will take 3-10 days to complete your store.

Are there any monthly fees?

BuyDropShip  charges a one-time fee for your store. However, Shopify has a monthly fee for their service.

How do I successfully run a Dropshipping Store?

Well, there are few things!

1. Have a good store that is niche specific and one that looks good.

2.Be persistant!

3. Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and other types of advertising will get your store’s presence known.

Lastly, a bonus would be that your site also has a Facebook and Instagram page that is regularly updated. We can do this for you too. 

How much does it cost?

It’s especially important that you know how much it may take to get started.

Your store can range from $299-$699 depending on the products and customization you want.

Next would be your Shopify subscription, which is $29/month

No need to worry about buying products because your customer will be supplying you with the funds to do that.

What kind of profit margins can I expect?

This would all depend on the store you are operating. Most of our stores offer margins around 40%-60%. 

Our stores are already priced accordingly by competitor analysis and market prices. So, no need to worry about pricing right off the bat.

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