GOLD : One Product Store



Dropshipping has undergone major changes – you must adapt! Separate yourself from all the
competition with a one-product store. A one-product store has several advantages compared to a
normal Shopify Website:
Success probability is higher – since all your focus is on a single product you are way more likely to
achieve success.
 Funnel – since there is only one product you can create your whole website around it, this will
increase your conversion rate dramatically

A hot trending product store takes far more work, and is a short term cash generator. Our method
which is niche and building a brand is a real business for the long term. It is based around building a
brand, in a specific niche with higher profit margins that is sustainable for the long term.

What are we going to do?

 Setup and Design Your Store on an Attractive Premium Theme Based on Your Needs
 Logo Design
Branded Store
 Installation & Customisation
 Custom Logo
 Setup All Required Pages & Settings
 Unique Niche
 Product Research
 Upload One Winning Product
 Write A Detailed And High Converting Product Description
 Source a Top Brand Supplier
 Free Shipping Bar, Social Proof, Currency Converter
 On-page SEO
 Order Tracking Page

We will also provide you with a working Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy & Instagram Influencer

We Believe In Quality Work, We are Satisfied Once You Are!
 7 Days Delivery
 3 Revisions
 7 Pages
 1 Product
 Design Customization
 Responsive Design
 Content Upload
 Setup Payment Gateway
 7 Plugins/Extensions

 FaceBook Ad Video

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